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Перевод слова

Перевод: manly speek manly

мужественный; отважный; мужеподобный


  1. Lowe happened to have a Manly Rugby Club official building his house at the time and the official acted as an intermediary between Lowe and Ofahengaue.
  2. There's almost something too grown up about the Inspiral Carpets: like The Stranglers, they're too professional, too accomplished, too "manly".
  3. He is very straight and manly."
  4. He felt never so manly, tough: and he did not notice the look in Paddy's eyes nor the feel of Winnie tug his sleeve.
  5. He certainly liked men more, but then he liked manly men not "bloody queers", so he had to be all right.
  6. BUT," continues Johnny Cash, silencing the mob with a manly lift of his jaw, "we also have the right to bear arms and if you burn my flag - I'LL SHOOT YOU!"
  7. A caricature of Dr Sweeny's "manly" man, he is a modern troglodyte, but one with a rich ancestry.
  8. A glorious Irish voice rang out in song, a manly tenor that equalled the most impassioned of blues.
  9. A sign which went up on the Raiders' dressing-room door after the match, advising that only Australian media personnel were welcome, bore witness to the visitors' touchiness about defeat, though at least they did not follow Manly's example and grumble about the referee.
  10. Already I would be in what Nabokov calls "a manly condition", and the release was sharp and sweet.
  11. In 1912, C. D. Paterson of Manly in Australia returned from Hawaii with a heavy redwood board which a few local bodysurfers tried in vain to ride.
  12. His Grand Final-winning Manly side of the early Seventies included not only Malcolm Reilly, now the Great Britain coach, but also Bobby Fulton, the leader of next year's Kangaroos.
  13. Tattooed men were most manly.

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