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Перевод слова

Перевод: mankind speek mankind

человечество; мужчины ; мужской пол


  1. In the distant past, when the genetic material was being accumulated that makes mankind what it is, nobody but a warlord lived in a dwelling he could not make himself.
  2. Darwin at the end of one of his books wrote that according to the unchanging world of his critics, there had been the fall of man into sinfulness and mankind were forever doomed to hopelessness, whereas in his (Darwin's) theory of evolution, man had come from an inferior form, and because of this continuous progress, he commands a limitless potential.
  3. Scientific logic has put men on the moon, but seems incapable of solving the energy crisis or of providing the means whereby mankind can live purposefully on a finite planet with shrinking resources.
  4. He is convinced we have to adopt entirely new value systems, change our philosophical orientation and spiritual thinking; stop behaving as though the earth is here for mankind's personal convenience and learn to regard ourselves as one small part of a much larger whole.
  5. Cracking Creation's code Mankind's emergence from primordial slime was no miracle, believes Robert Matthews
  6. But the chief argument was an ethical one: "We see a unique opportunity of providing by example some limit on the totality of war, thus eliminating the fear and arousing the hope of mankind."
  7. The whole progress of mankind ought to have consisted in this: the elimination of unnecessary work.
  8. "My God," he said "if mankind has spent three million years in evolution to descend to this, I know the Evangelicals are right.
  9. Anthropology had a place in this scheme because for Marx it was the study of the early history of mankind.
  10. In The Origin , and already as far back as The German Ideology , Marx and Engels followed their contemporaries in believing that the history of mankind usually went through the same sequence of technological improvement.
  11. Anthropology has in fact developed as the science of the evolution of human society and many early anthropological works take the form of natural histories of mankind.
  12. Suicide for this reason - to free mankind of the consoling yet imprisoning fictions of religion - is the highest expression of self-will, a perfectly free action, a divine gesture.
  13. Many of us saw this as an opportunity for mankind to make a small gesture of recompense to the cetaceans (the whale family) for the abuses we had inflicted upon them.

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