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Перевод слова

Перевод: manifestation speek manifestation

проявление; манифестация ; обнародование


  1. Ronald Wright's re-telling of the fate of the indigenous people is far more than another manifestation of the popular pastime of Columbus-bashing designed to ensure that this year's quincentennial celebrations should be suitably controversial.
  2. Political polls account for only six per cent of the research industry's business, but they are its most visible - and accountable - manifestation.
  3. One person's unfaithfulness is a manifestation of that conflict.
  4. Their work returned afresh to the problem of social waste in education, and especially to its manifestation in the selective and divided system of secondary education.
  5. Neil Gunn saw it as a manifestation of "the only spirit which can truly build and enrich social life".
  6. They are no longer the inconvenient, unwanted, useless and "why did I have to get it now" things that they are commonly thought to be but they are actually the manifestation of each person's attempt to get well, to maintain order and balance in the system.
  7. Many problems have a clear local manifestation; local initiative and self-help must consequently provide the most apt solutions.
  8. Yet the poet often sees her appearance in relation to her poverty, as one manifestation of a generally bleak and constrained way of life.
  9. But even as early as St John's Gospel (undated but often hypothetically dated late in the first century - it cannot be later) the "incarnation" implies a manifestation within time and history of the eternal Word of God.
  10. Condensation might entail the one kind of subject and/or manifestation standing in for the whole domain of evil, incurring responsibility for the whole in the process of being made to signify it.
  11. Dance is a physical manifestation and dancers only become expressive when they can feel the movements both physically and emotionally, and when they are inspired by the choreographer's interpretation and enthusiasm.
  12. The birds in the sunlight are gliding through the polished clarity of the air; I see a manifestation of infinite power.
  13. By the third decade of that century, the idea of a prime minister had emerged and in its first physical manifestation it took the imposing form of Sir Robert Walpole.

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