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Перевод слова

Перевод: make speek make

работа ; развитие; сложение; тип ; форма ; модель ; фасон ; марка ; сорт ; вид ; стиль ; производство; изготовление; изделие; продукция ; выработка ; выделка ; конституция ; склад характера; процесс становления; объявление козыря; тасование; варенье;
делать; сделать; проделать; вырабатывать; изготавливать; производить; составлять; приготовлять; готовить; создавать; смастерить; заварить; совершать; считать; предполагать; сожительствовать; зарабатывать; получать; добывать; назначать; определять; учинить; учинять; направиться; успевать; поспевать; есть; заставлять; содействовать; делаться; становиться; вести себя как; строить из себя; равняться; сшить; тасовать


  1. But she did make one request.
  2. Make no mistake, he's the group ringleader and possibly a control-freak, but he doesn't strike me as a dictatorial megalomaniac.
  3. I wish John could cook every meal for me, and make the decisions for me.
  4. Strachan did not make the change immediately, for he crocked a shoulder in the test against South Africa and had a three-week stand-down period immediately after he returned from tour.
  5. "In order to get bums on pews you've got to give people the feeling they will have a tremendous experience and make a contribution."
  6. "Ninety per cent of the people here rely in some way on coconuts to make a living," said Paternas.
  7. His East European Jewish background - he was born Schmuel Gelbfisz, in Warsaw - and the instinct that first led him into pictures, make him typical of the men who created Hollywood: Louis B Mayer, Adolph Zukor, Carl Laemmle, William Fox and the Warners.
  8. As for the sounds that this beast will make: well, it's not unlike a normal Gibson bass in that it's raunchy and powerful.
  9. Enough to make the room swim, send the beer flat and the chicken legs glutinous.
  10. People make many different commitments in the course of a lifetime.
  11. The kind I make continually, but had hoped not to make in my work.
  12. You go down and get it, while I make a fire in the living-room.
  13. There is of course no reason why individual lenders should not make insurance compulsory for their clients: its cost would have to be revealed to the customer, and it would have to be added into the calculated APR.

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