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Перевод слова

Перевод: maintain speek maintain

сохранять; содержать; оказывать поддержку; защищать; отстаивать; удерживать; обслуживать; содержать в исправности; утверждать; поддерживать


  1. My fear of a remote danger may be almost driven from mind by current emotions; but to decide to take precautions I need no more than the faint tremor as I glimpse what the consequences of neglect would be like, I do not have to maintain the stimulus to action by living in constant terror until the danger has passed.
  2. Also, this is not the most efficient way to build up and maintain a reasonable level of physical fitness.
  3. While all went well she could maintain a fine independence, but when the order threatened to change, she was more affected than she would have believed possible.
  4. Collectively, older people need to exploit the full potential of their influence, which will only increase as their numbers grow, in order both to maintain responsibility for their own lives, and to demand their full social, political and economic rights.
  5. One of the main reasons for this is the need to maintain the quality of the front-line services to the membership in the face of much higher volumes of telephone and fax traffic.
  6. In one sense, of course, all creatures, "hot" and "cold" blooded, maintain constant temperatures within a certain bearable range, and this means in turn that they must be able to conduct heat away from their bodies.
  7. Atkinson is keen to maintain his record of goals against his former clubs.
  8. Members for whom CPE is compulsory, will be required to maintain their own annual record of CPE undertaken and be able, when required, to confirm to the Institute they have complied annually with the CPE guidelines.
  9. Generate ideas on how the selected issues could be tackled in future, either to maintain a success or to improve a weakness.
  10. As a company with a heart and a determination to maintain employee control it is clearly a rogue among the 1980s herd of quick-buck, knock-down sales.
  11. At any rate, though we would most of us like to maintain that Pound's Fascism is a quite distinct issue from Pound's poetry and his criticism, it is plain that we cannot do this.
  12. Not only the peerage but many of the more prosperous country squires in the eighteenth century came to maintain houses in their local market towns, to serve both the needs of trade and of society; as Joseph Seagrave remarked in 1804, "the domestic building in every part of the kingdom, is greatly improved within the last forty or fifty years; but in few places more than Chichester".
  13. After all, the word "engineer" used to be used for the person who could drive and maintain a car, in the early days of motoring.

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