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Перевод слова

Перевод: maid speek maid

служанка ; горничная ; прислуга ; девушка ; девица ; дева ;
работать прислугой; служить горничной


  1. His wife and the kitchen maid (every middle class Filipino household has a maid) would bring us food.
  2. You were half-way to being a lady's maid with these private patients and if they wanted you to paint their fingernails while they told you their life histories you couldn't choose but obey.
  3. The unfortunate lady's dresses were sent to the family home in Foster Place, where a maid was tempted to try one on as she unpacked them - with fatal results.
  4. It brought back sad memories of when I worked as a kennel maid.
  5. There's not much chance of finding an 'usband down 'ere and Aah've no wish ti stop an old maid all me life.
  6. Would they clean the place themselves or would Alison employ a maid?
  7. I do not mind at all being a parlour maid, though I do you I am feeling much happier and calmer.
  8. At the start of chapter 16 we are reminded of it again, and things seem so hopeless now that Sarah urges Abraham to have a child by her Egyptian maid, Hagar.
  9. Over and over Mrs Browning emphasised what a deal of trouble the Ogilvys were being put to on her behalf, by allowing their maid to do what she was going to do, and Wilson knew it was true.
  10. Nevertheless, at Scone on the 5th February 1284, Alexander made all the estates of Scotland bind themselves by oath to acknowledge the Maid of Norway as his heir, failing any children Alexander might have in the future.
  11. He promptly left the farm and went to another, where he helped the maid with her spinning, though refused to divulge his name.
  12. While many concerns are shared, their lives are often as different as that of the Countess of Winchilsea and the kitchen maid from Brackley.
  13. At the outset, Jaromil's lyricism is a Modern affair in which biological compulsion and biographical reference - peeps at the maid Magda in her bath, for instance - are enveloped and disguised in a poetry which his doting and self-pitying mother finds inscrutable.

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