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Перевод слова

Перевод: magnitude speek magnitude

величина ; размеры ; важность ; значительность


  1. Concerning those chemical changes, which were of fantastic magnitude, taking place during the first of these periods, it is probably true to say that most established religions do now, perhaps reluctantly, accept as true the scientific theories governing the associated processes of evolution.
  2. Paradoxically, the only way to achieve "very large-scale integrations" or a true "computer on a chip" will be to make components an order of magnitude smaller than today's chips.
  3. Historiography arose when an event occurred which in its magnitude matched the greatest events celebrated in legend.
  4. Changing the order or magnitude of just one term in a series is a violation of expectation.
  5. These contributions can be measured in degrees of magnitude varying from a single unit of goodness, as defined earlier in this book, to truly stupendous numbers.
  6. The subscription to these bodies are heavy and the newly-elected member may be surprised by their magnitude.
  7. Change of such magnitude brought other consequences with it.
  8. Most of the brighter stars plotted are of the second magnitude, while the fainter ones are of the fourth.
  9. We can get a somewhat clearer idea of how enzymes work if we distinguish between two kinds of chemical bond, which differ in the nature and magnitude of the forces holding the atoms together.
  10. If the pulses marked with arrows in Fig. 7 are isolated from the others and applied to an appropriate low pass filter, the output is a DC or slowly varying voltage whose magnitude and polarity model the external field.
  11. The figure does tend to confirm my contention that the general order of magnitude is about right.
  12. Media influences on relative preferences for Conservative and Labour were always significant, usually similar in magnitude but opposite in sign.
  13. Confirmatory techniques exist to assess how likely a difference of proportions of a given magnitude is to arise in sample data when it has been drawn from a population in which no such difference exists.

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