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Перевод слова

Перевод: mad speek mad

сумасшедший; помешанный; душевнобольной; умалишенный; бешеный; безумный; обезумевший; безрассудный; шальной; сумасбродный; страстно любящий; буйно веселый; рассерженный; рассвирепевший; раздосадованный;
сходить с ума; сводить с ума; выводить из себя


  1. She never addressed me directly when she was mad.
  2. He felt he had been imprisoned for ever on this mad, rotating world, racing ceaselessly through its dark orbit.
  3. G. H. Burton considered this was reminiscent of Coleridge's political satire, Recantation, Illustrated by the Story of the Mad Ox , written in the early nineteenth century.
  4. Maeve could be Kali, or even Mammy Water the lake goddess of Nigeria's Ibo-land who makes beautiful women mad so she can possess their boyfriends.
  5. Reason tells him he is mad to want to continue farming, but the desire to do so leads him to rationalise the decision as best he can.
  6. Towards evening I went in search of bed and breakfast; the mad rush to the west could wait.
  7. She had come on an errand and was greeted by a mad woman, an amazon.
  8. Then, with a warwhoop, Gay rushed out of the dining-room, and the two did a mad Highland fling.
  9. When angler friends visit me in Caithness, I always persuade them to fish Heilen, and invariably, suffer in consequence: ", Bruce, you are quite mad.
  10. on, on, on tears the mad dragon of an engine scattering in all directions a shower of burning sparks from its wood fire; screeching, hissing, yelling, panting; until at last the thirsty monster stops beneath a covered way to drink and you have time to breathe again.
  11. "If you lost both your children, wouldn't you be mad?" the doctor had said.
  12. Within these places, it is often supposed, reside mad people who sometimes have to restrained in straightjackets, defecate in public, and constantly take off their clothes.
  13. I must have gone stark raving mad."

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