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Перевод слова

Перевод: luxury speek luxury

люкс ; роскошь ; большое удовольствие; наслаждение; предмет роскоши; излишество


  1. His grandparents were bankers in Switzerland, his parents had a luxury home on Lake Geneva and later on they had a flat in London and another in Paris.
  2. In Peru distances are so vast and the terrain can be so formidable that aeroplanes are not a luxury, but often the only shakily effective means of passing between desert, mountain and jungle.
  3. Luxury?
  4. "They can do without the luxury of eating until we catch that monster," he told Matron.
  5. After the luxury of labour-saving devices it is just too tedious to go back to the old ways.
  6. Alastair and Flora came quite often and the four of them enjoyed the luxury of being totally at ease.
  7. He sat on alone until all unease was lost in a luxury of self-absorption.
  8. "The only little luxury I allow myself, Myles, apart from a nip of brandy during the cold winter nights."
  9. Check the sentries one more time then I'm in my sleeping bag by 0230 hrs - luxury - a lie-in now until 0530 hrs!
  10. We don't have luxury yachts or go to expensive hotels all the time."
  11. The result, says Andr Sacau of Orcofi, a French holding company with stakes in a range of luxury-goods makers, is that "buyers of luxury brands have been turned into bargain-hunters."
  12. They've scoured their record collections for their favourite chic embellishments so as to enhance the luxury commodity aura of their product.
  13. II of Capital Marx discussed the relationship between luxury goods production and consumption and the production of necessary means of consumption.

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