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Перевод слова

Перевод: luxurious speek luxurious

роскошный; любящий роскошь; расточительный


  1. These modern, luxurious apartments, our Club Choice for summer '90 are of an excellent standard.
  2. The Olau Hollandia has a pocket-sized swimming-pool in the bowels, luxurious cabins aloft and couchette-style below.
  3. The life-style of the wealthier peasants, whilst not luxurious, was not squalid by medieval standards and this is reflected in the substantial nature of their bulidings .
  4. He is now a forgotten man who will while away his twilight years alone and insecure in an alien land, longing to return to Russia.The KGB has not been slow to remind its senior intelligence personnel of the isolated lifestyle that awaits them in the West should they be tempted to defect, pointing out the benefits of enjoying a relatively luxurious and secure existence in Russia.
  5. Both vessels large and luxurious, though rather shiny and glitzy for my tastes.
  6. Most religions, Christianity among them, would appear to have degenerated to a point where they can be used to provide, at one extreme, a justification for intense civil turmoil by violent and cruel people, and at the other, justification for luxurious globe-trotting and conference-attending by a ritual-ridden and pomp-loving hierarchy.
  7. Near the bus and railway station stood a Great Southern Hotel, not too different from the luxurious mansion I had known in Killarney.
  8. The smart shopping areas of Hong Kong are very luxurious and quite expensive, a splendid place for window-shopping.
  9. Satisfied with his precautions, he had a wash in the luxurious bathroom, cleaned his teeth, undressed and got into bed.
  10. The new panel design and the trim are attractive, almost luxurious
  11. They lived in luxurious misery in sub-divisions , like an army encampment (which subdivision do you come from?)
  12. Karl was muffled up in his luxurious overcoat.
  13. Rolls-Royce, meanwhile, would concentrate on what it did best - building the most luxurious cars in the world.

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