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Перевод слова

Перевод: lung speek lung

легкое [анат.]


  1. About 5,500 people a year qualify for compensation after being seriously disabled by work-related disease such as deafness, RSI, skin disease and lung damage.
  2. The flip-top of cigarette packets must carry warnings such as "Smoking kills" and "Smoking causes lung cancer" in letters about a quarter-inch high.
  3. The second great destroyer is cancer cancer of the lung and cancer of the bowel being the most common fatal forms of cancer in Britain.
  4. But I do not know anyone who would willingly die, for instance, of lung Cancer on the virtuous grounds that he was helping others through his taxes.
  5. The Department of Health publishes tar tables to encourage smokers who cannot or will not give up smoking to switch to lower tar brands on the grounds that this may at least lower their risk of lung cancer.
  6. It causes heart disease, lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema.
  7. The extraction problem is one of biochemistry: its solution is the haemoglobin molecule, which will combine with any oxygen molecules which diffuse across the membrane lining the lung.
  8. Fortunately in my confusion I had sometimes visualized one lung and sometimes the other.
  9. Cancer specialist Dr Helen Soteriou said: "Mrs Mann is very seriously ill, with a lung condition."
  10. The rogue p53 gene was also thought to play a large part in lung, stomach and bowel cancer.
  11. The majority of deaths from lung cancer happen to smokers; smoking causes heart disease, bronchitis and emphysema; many more suffer years of debilitating illness that would certainly kill them if some other cause of death - crossing the road to go to the tobacconist first, perhaps - did not intervene.
  12. A MAN told he had lung cancer gulped wine and valium before crashing his car into a tree.
  13. Vincent Cheng and Two Sho Lung, Singapore: conditionally released in June 1990.

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