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Перевод слова

Перевод: lunatic speek lunatic

сумасшедший; безумный; умалишенный;
душевнобольной ; помешанный ; сумасшедший


  1. And for the lunatic fringe of the skinhead movement the swastika was clearly meant to stand again for Nazi (National Socialist).
  2. The man was a lunatic," Nevil said.
  3. Big Waimea has been described as a "lunatic washing machine".
  4. - In lunatic asylums, all over the country."
  5. It all seemed a bit pointless - and anyway no-one but a raving lunatic was going to attempt to get airborne in those conditions.
  6. Lawrence feels like going back and saying to her "It's all right, don't take any notice of that mental lunatic" (p. 304), thereby offering a new inflection of the erotic triangle: intervening between Swift and Celia, Lawrence displaces his own anal neurosis on to Swift while offering his healthy ideal self to Celia - or rather he seeks to become his ideal self in her eyes .
  7. While a lunatic fringe was organising a new party, leading conservatives such as Karoly Grosz, the outgoing General Secretary, and Janos Berecz, the former ideologist, were refusing to reveal their intentions.
  8. "Mrs Hodge: "Well, sir, when "e's talking to a Protectionist, "e's a Free Trader, and when "e's talking to a Free Trader, "e's Protectionist, and when "e's talking to me, "e's a raving lunatic"."
  9. Its interior is a bizarre mix of shabby Edwardian gentleman's club and abandoned lunatic asylum.
  10. Until recently Saddam Hussein was supported only by a lunatic fringe in the Soviet Union; the leader of Pamyat, an anti-Semitic group, praised him for standing up to Zionism.
  11. Treatment of the delinquent claims today the place which treatment of the lunatic but lately occupied, as a gross example of society's inadequacy to cope with its members.
  12. Bruce Alexander thus plays the lycanthropic Ferdinand not as some howling lunatic but as a haunted, guilt-ridden creature.
  13. The young man scanned the paper, held it out, and as James's fingers reached for it, dropped it, eyed him, and said in a carrying voice, "I see you are mad, but does even a lunatic suppose that one of His Majesty's officers would bind himself to oppose the law and refrain from arresting criminals?"

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