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Перевод слова

Перевод: loosen speek loosen

ослаблять; ослабляться; становиться слабым; отпускать; развязывать; расшатывать; рыхлить; разрыхлять; взрыхлять; вызывать действие


  1. A few coppers would be enough to loosen her tongue.
  2. You can do without drink, you certainly don't need it to loosen your tongue."
  3. and his fingers loosen bursary-strings.
  4. Similarly, the 1989 plans to loosen barristers' stranglehold on appearance in court ran into such heavy opposition even from radicals - or what passes for radicalism in such a deeply orthodox business - that the plans of an elected government were tempered by vested interest.
  5. So long as he remembered the frailty of Dad's grip on life, Dad's fingers would never loosen and let go.
  6. During a tennis match, the movements of the foot can gradually loosen laces.
  7. Loosen the muscles you've worked.
  8. There was Miguel, huge and thick-set with a permanently-hard ugly smirk on his face, and lithe, handsome Juan, whom she'd last seen being forcibly ejected for bonking his host's wife at the Waterlane's party, both swinging their sticks round and round to loosen up their shoulders.
  9. Not for him a short iron to loosen up.
  10. Just loosen your jeans a little so you can breathe properly."
  11. But whenever he wandered off el grip would loosen, el thwing would revert and the comfortable old mongrel ways would return.
  12. The Greens were still arguing over whether the time had come to loosen principle a little and elect a leader, a public face, perhaps Sara Parkin, the International Liaison Secretary of the UK Greens as well as the European Greens' co-ordination co-secretary.
  13. All would be different, they believe, if the majority of decent and honest Catholics could escape the grip of fear, and they define the role of community relations police in West Belfast as attempting, in a small way, to loosen the Catholic community from the stranglehold of the paramilitaries, as the commentary on a police promotional video stated: "The effort of trying to win the people's minds and hearts away from terrorism is personified in the Community Relations Branch, whose members regularly attend meetings involving civilian bodies, public representatives, and discuss problems such as vandalism."

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