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Перевод слова

Перевод: long speek long

длинный; длительный; долгий; долголетний; давно существующий; долгосрочный; имеющий такую-то длину; скучный; медленный; медлительный; многочисленный; обширный; удлиненный; продолговатый; многословный;
долго; давно; подолгу; долгое время;
долгий срок; долгий гласный;
страстно желать; стремиться; тосковать


  1. It allows the beneficiary under a trust to sue a third party in possession of the object under trust so long as he is not a "bona fide purchaser for value without notice".
  2. But one that has had the error beep replaced by a robotic voice screaming "Attention!" is likely to have the opposite effect, as is one that ingests a floppy disc accompanied by a long drawn out grumble taken from a soggy passage in the Star Wars trilogy.
  3. Take the example of highly efficient light bulbs: they cost several times as much as equivalent incandescent bulbs, but can last 13 times as long, so the household budget benefits quickly.
  4. London futures prices rose 15% to 670 (1,170) a tonne, but fell within hours: coffee is plentiful and a new international deal on export quotas is a long way off.
  5. Harry put in 410 League appearances for Crystal Palace and that stood as a record for over 30 years until it was overtaken by Terry Long in the late 1960s.
  6. They ducked under spellbound apple boughs laden with fragile blossom (like the arms of moonstruck washer women all chilly with the suds, thought Sam) and emerged into the vegetable garden, running low as lapwings past the long rows of blue metallic lettuces and the cold wrought iron spirals of rigidly trained runner beans.
  7. Have your hair trimmed every 5-;6 weeks, even if it is long or you are trying to grow it.
  8. Wise men are a long time in the ship
  9. Modern historians have for long assumed this rise, and stressed its importance; and yet its nature and the evidence for it have never been properly analysed.
  10. Surely, if there really were a knowable pre-life creator, such would have long since become truly known to humanity, and would not have remained a subject of speculation after many thousands of years.
  11. The fat lady shrieked and the two Caribbeans twitched their long, loose limbs, delighted with themselves.
  12. In the fourth cell there is a man with long dishevelled hair.
  13. Their relationship became more and more covert; he left the police and they moved to a suburb where they "passed for white" and began the long struggle called "trying for white".

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