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Перевод слова

Перевод: load speek load

груз ; поклажа ; кладь ; тяжесть ; бремя; нагрузка ; множество; обилие; заряд ; партия груза на вагон, судно; количество работы;
грузить; нагружать; отгружать; грузиться; обременять; взваливать; взгромоздить; навьючить; отягощать; осыпать; заряжать; наливать свинцом; подбавлять к вину спирт или наркотики; употреблять наркотики; наедаться; насыщать; класть густо; играть нечестно


  1. Our spies report that Bonkers Bono is so excited he's decided to have it built in the shape of a guitar, though we at Public NME think a huge shoe-shape would be more relevant as the new album U2 are currently working on is supposed to be a load of old cobblers.
  2. In recent years a bypass was built, considerably lessening the load of traffic which passed through the village, and a period of comparative peace was enjoyed.
  3. Then as the rope finally reaches towards the end the load is then seen by the audience and it is - You.
  4. Opposite page, left, Ham and onion load and All-in-one breakfast.
  5. We had Fred and Ginger to lighten our load, as we settled our tattered bottoms into seats in grand, new palaces - the Astoria in Charing Cross, the Regal (now the Odeon) at Marble Arch - where we forgot our troubles in art-deco hotel suites, aboard cruise ships and in nightclubs, all gleaming and glittery on the silver screen.
  6. Dublin, with a load of chromium-polluted effluent, decided that going home for his tea was a more attractive proposition than completing his run.
  7. If cables are being stored on drums, wind them completely off the coil before connecting them to the load; otherwise they may overheat in use.
  8. I was about to take off my load and leave the heap of pine-needles for someone else to find in the morning when I saw a figure approaching in the distance.
  9. Pulling up suddenly at that height puts a sudden, uncontrolled load on the cable and often results in a cable break.
  10. But in many circuits, significant source and load resistances will need factoring out from the upper and lower arm values respectively (and scaled pro-rata), otherwise the implied accuracy will be false).
  11. It was armed with a Lewis gun on the back and carried a vast load of food, petrol, ammunition and other stores, enabling it to remain out in the desert for periods of up to three weeks.
  12. And at this point when a range of established values were under scrutiny, the body was made to carry a new symbolic load which reflected the change from the social conformity of the previous decades.
  13. In Wales, Plynlimon receives up to 16kg/S/ha and the Berwyns 31kg/S/ha, that is six times the critical load.

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