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Перевод слова

Перевод: lively speek lively

живой; оживленный; веселый; быстрый; хлесткий; свежий; яркий; сильный; жизнедеятельный; быстро отскакивающий;
весело; оживленно


  1. We all stepped out to a lively tune, Mrs MacDonald of Dunach .
  2. Outside, in a field, a lively group of boys and girls were piling branches in a heap for their Halloween bonfire.
  3. The Metropole features a large sun terrace, lounge, lively bar and restaurant.
  4. She liked being helpful to people, as Brownies taught her to be, and she was always ready to Lend a Hand in the true spirit of the Brownie Guide Motto - and Jane, her Sixer, for one, knew that that was even more important than being alert and lively.
  5. He was tired of respectability, tired of the constant tug-of-war to pull the lively minds of children out of the fields and hedges, where wisdom and philosophy began, into the abstractions of formal learning.
  6. There are plenty of facilities for waterskiing, windsurfing and paragliding and alongside the beach runs a palm tree lined avenue of shops boutiques, bars, open-air cafs and restaurants, all making for a lively, bustling atmosphere.
  7. In all his talk, and in his writings, he addressed the sympathetic, lively minded "general reader" or "average man".
  8. Illusions, dreams, and fancies, on the other hand, consist of "ideas of imagination" which are voluntary and subject to our wills, and which lack both lively strength and orderly coherence.
  9. Perhaps he was looking for a drink by the time he had climbed as far as the Piazza where three renaissance palaces, a town hall and cathedral confront each other across an open space of such lively dignity and harmony as to make the lack of tourist cafes completely forgivable.
  10. One of the most beautiful of these represents a thirsty man, whose desire for water is represented in the most lively manner as he kneels on the ground to drink from a spring, with such wonderful reality that one might imagine him to be a real person.
  11. Any substantial town or city faced with competition from out of town shopping needs to ensure its historic centre is a pleasant and welcoming place for people to come and shop and browse; and a lively, colourful market forms a natural focal point.
  12. Parrott is lively too, but the performances are gentler, and his often slower speeds-as in the first chorus of the Birthday Ode with its call to "Celebrate this triumphant day'-bring out the dancing rhythms less infectiously.
  13. Where an owner continues to be centrally involved and lives in the house or on the estate, attitudes are likely to be positive and the house opened in a lively fashion.

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