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Перевод: live speek live

живой; горящий; непогасший; действующий; боевой; невзорвавшийся; под напряжением; подвижный; энергичный; деятельный; полный сил; вращающийся; жизненный; животрепещущий; реальный; чистый; яркий; нетусклый; передающийся непосредственно с места действия; меняющийся; переменный;
непосредственно; прямо; в прямом эфире;
жить; существовать; отживать; житься; дожить; вести какой-л. образ жизни; обитать; выдерживать; питаться


  1. A. For people who live in the hills of Britain the lowland plains seem flat, dull and uninteresting.
  2. He could live happily among poor working people on his holidays, but found immense pleasure in staying in a French house so grand that a servant squeezed the tubes of toothpaste between applications.
  3. The speed with which immense transformations took place became legendary - and an occasion for wry humour; a cartoon of the period shows a respectable man looking at a heap of rubble and saying: "But this is where I live and I can't even find my wife."
  4. Make sure you see some of Tenerife's fascinating scenery during your holiday - join in some of our most popular trips, including a cruise on the Nostramo, an authentic Spanish galleon or our "Skool Dinners" BBQ; the "Last Resort", a special cabaret by the reps in Tenerife's top nightclub and the very popular Medieval Night - a delicious banquet in an old castle with jousting displays followed by a live, top named band.
  5. In a semi-literate age politicians are fragile; they live by and through institutions which were developed at a time when speech-writers were unknown and MPs were elected on policies evolved without feedback, positive or negative, from market researchers.
  6. One parent families are more likely than other families with children to live in poor physical conditions; to have fewer amenities; to be overcrowded and to live in unpopular areas, especially the inner cities.
  7. The second is that children who are used to watching Going Live are not likely to be enthralled by the Black and White Minister Show.
  8. Such are the times in which we live that the decision to leave his expletives unbleeped prompted tabloid news stories but, really, the programme was quite intensely moral.
  9. It was time they stopped designing buildings without a thought for the people who had to live in them, he said.
  10. The bogey of loneliness would be banished and the tiresome business of trying to find out what would be a fair rent would also be solved, for Jenny would live there rent-free.
  11. After a fortnight's visit with her mother to her aunt Mrs Poole at Ramsgate, Helen decided that she must earn some money and, if possible, live away from home where her mother's grief-stricken restrictions and excessive dependency - so she thought - would curtail that freedom of action and expression in which her father had encouraged her.
  12. I must say I have never spared myself, and never will as long as I live.
  13. Sheila was a Scots girl who had come to live in England.

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