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Перевод слова

Перевод: little speek little

маленький; незначительный; небольшой; короткий; малый; мелочный; ничтожный; ограниченный; уменьшенный;
мало; немного; кое-что;
немногое; небольшое количество; кое-что; короткое время; непродолжительное время; пустяк


  1. Good heavens, Wilson, I have nothing to write now, only lines here and there that add up to precious little.
  2. The black vintage Humber bicycle was a little unsteady today.
  3. He closed his Manchester school and knowing that his wife rarely deviated from being either in Blackpool or London, he could safely assume there was little chance of a confrontation.
  4. When Roeder began he found very little material and much that was written erroneously, even in the Dictionary of National Biography.
  5. "Don't like to see little 'uns ill."
  6. Such images have little flexibility and may easily be destroyed by mundane realities.
  7. And grazing too many animals on too little land leaves soil unprotected against wind or water erosion.
  8. There is little to suggest that this view changed, at least until the sterling crisis of 1947.
  9. The remainder - Va'aiga Tuigamala and Walter Little in the backs, Paul Henderson and Graham Purvis in the pack - have largely been back-up strength in recent times, although Little was busily occupied at first five-eighths in four of the tests this season.
  10. "And as you are well aware, I have had precious little from the police on that case."
  11. What O'Neillism did for Paisleyism was to raise in a concrete way the possibility of change from being a Protestant society and culture (constantly threatened by the old enemy within and without) to being a secular modern society in which religious affiliation would be of little consequence.
  12. THE new captain of Preston Grasshoppers is none other than England lock WADE DOOLEY , which wold suggest that - at least at club level - the "Blackpool Tower" has every intention of playing on for a little while.
  13. Add to that a low-profile neck, and you've got a pretty funky little thang.

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