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Перевод слова

Перевод: link speek link

связующее звено; звено цепи; соединение; связь ; запонка для манжет; серьга ; петля ; колечко; локон ; шарнир ; шатун ; кулиса ; релейная линия; линия связи; канал связи; звено землемерной цепи; указатель ; ссылка ; адрес возврата; факел ;
соединять; связывать; сцеплять; смыкать; компоновать; примыкать; быть связанным; брать под руку; идти под руку; указывать


  1. For instance, if the network connects the node "student" to the node "person" with the link "is a", then one can infer that the properties of "student" are inherited from those of "person".
  2. The link that is assumed between beauty and youth implies a link between old age and ugliness, and is detrimental to older people.
  3. It also houses part of the local hospital administration, a nice link with the past.
  4. In Hanover, Sewell was introduced to Professor Havemann, whose plans to visit England in 1777 and in 1796 unfortunately came to nothing (the missing link, possibly, in a chain that might have set the Hanover veterinary school, founded in 1788, rather than Lyons or Alfort as an immediate model for the London Veterinary College).
  5. I've just caught them trying to ditch their weak link and import a brilliant boy from Rhinefield Lower who doesn't have a team."
  6. IT NEVER struck me until I was in the sixth form that the activity pursued by scientists had any direct link with the everyday world.
  7. One example is a deafened Link guest who in 1974 went home with a TL and practised with it on his own for 1 hours every evening after supper as a regular routine.
  8. Displays include: the largest collection of boots and shoes in the world; two exciting galleries illustrating the history of Northampton from the Stone Age to the present day using objects, sound and film; a gallery of decorative arts including Chinese and English ceramics; Italian and English paintings and a programme of temporary exhibitions, plus a bridge link to the Visitor Centre next door.
  9. The fenestral discovery, incidentally, also filled in a missing link to provide a 300 million year sequence of fossils showing a smooth evolution from reptiles to mammals.
  10. This is where the Department of Trade comes in - and indeed where there is a tenuous and innocent link with Cecil Parkinson and last week's huffy statement from his lawyers.
  11. McKenzie, who goes by the nickname "Link", is part of a crucial Wallaby front-row chain in partnership with his Randwick clubmate Kearns and loosehead prop Tony Daly.
  12. That's because Multipoint is part of the Link network, composed of thousands of cash machines at branches of other leading building societies and banks - and the number is growing all the time.
  13. Over the last couple of months many folk have requested to know more about the BMS World Mission Link (WML) and our link partners the Collict and Meikle families.

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