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Перевод слова

Перевод: light speek light

светлый; пустой; световой; бледный; легковесный; облегченный; воздушный; быстрый; подвижный; некрепкий; неплотный; рыхлый; хорошо поднявшийся; несерьезный; незначительный; легкомысленный; распущенный; веселый; слабый; нетрудный; необременительный; легкий; нетяжелый; чуткий; чувствующий головокружение; неударный;
налегке; легко;
свет ; светофор ; освещение; освещенность ; иллюминация ; дневной свет; источник света; огонь ; пламя; зажженная свеча, лампа и т.п.; отражение душевного вдохновения на лице; отражение душевного волнения на лице; информация ; св`едения ; аспект ; знаменитость ; светило; умственные способности; просвет ; окно; озарение; просветление; видимость ; интерпретация ; постановка вопроса;
зажигать; запалить; зажигаться; загораться; растапливать; растопить; освещать; светить; неожиданно натолкнуться; неожиданно обрушиться; случайно напасть; сходить; опускаться; садиться; падать


  1. And from all these things the soft light proceeded, like the glimmering of pearls in the depth of water, like the phosphorescent light that moves of itself on the night surface of southern seas, or shines round the heaving shoals, milky-white over their silver darts, in our own dark Channel.
  2. Her husband, who had a bristly white moustache, wore in winter a hand-knitted Balaclava helmet, a long cloth coat, and boots; in summer, a cap took the place of the helmet, and a light jacket the coat.
  3. Lindauer Brut 7.49 Made from the Pinot and Chardonnay grape this dry wine had a light golden colour.
  4. And he pushed him into the shed just as light filled the yard again.
  5. The three stages of the exercise are: examination of personal values of the participants; evaluation of existing services in the light of values expressed; and a focus on ways of changing services so that carers can have access to "valued lifestyles for themselves, as well as for the people they care for".
  6. Other than that, the specified light gauge (40-;105) strings are kept taut at either end of the bass by Schaller's finest.
  7. Manifested light or solar energy is the vital component for the sustenance of life.
  8. As before, the gravitational effect tends to increase the wavelength, because light is passing from a region of strong gravity near B to a region of weak gravity near A .
  9. For the red light orange light green light
  10. We can move beyond our five senses, learning to sense subtle energies, to work on the "inner planes", to communicate telepathically, to heal with light and colour, to travel to higher realms, to contact our Higher Self and guides, and expand our awareness of unseen dimensions.
  11. It simply became less credible by the light of educated common sense.
  12. Homosexuality, which was invented in 1869 also from a Greek root ( homo , meaning "same"), was seen in the same light and its male variety was banned in 1885.
  13. Yet even on the tapes of the talks, considerably less gilded than the memoranda, it let in a little light for a moment.

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