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Перевод слова

Перевод: liability speek liability

ответственность ; обязательство; долг ; задолженность ; склонность ; подверженность ; помеха


  1. Investors fear that Dow Corning's role in developing the implant business could mean product liability lawsuits, and hence costly litigation.
  2. This is another example of constructive liability, and it is particularly inappropriate here, in so far as the law is aiming to produce a "ladder" of offences graded in terms of relative seriousness.
  3. Every business operation involves potential liability to customers and the general public .
  4. Thus, the doctor, on this reasoning, incurs no liability under the civil law; nor can he be accused of any crime.
  5. A spokesman for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors commented "The problem is the very low fee charged for a valuation, and the possibly massive liability at the end of it".
  6. Personal liability on shares could occur whilst the company is still a going concern.
  7. Typically, discussion of a client's tax affairs will lead naturally into consideration of investment options, such as pensions, which might be used to offset part of the tax liability.
  8. The firm will need to decide whether partners' drawings should be paid gross without allowing for any tax reserve, or, alternatively, whether to withhold tax which is not a partnership liability, but an individual partner's liability.
  9. This is because the liability has been incurred and settled.
  10. As explained above, the proposal of the FRED is not that such expenses be treated as an asset, but rather that they be taken into account in measuring a liability.
  11. The carrier is relieved of his liability if the loss or damage was caused by negligence on behalf of the sender when issuing instructions.
  12. Liability
  13. You will have no personal liability to Capital Gains Tax.

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