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Перевод слова

Перевод: least speek least

наименьший; малейший; минимальный; незначительный; ничтожный; ограниченный;
меньше всего; немного; как минимум; наименее; в наименьшей степени;
малейшая степень; минимальное количество


  1. I rang that place where you live and one of the tenants, at least I presume it was another tenant, said you were away.
  2. The City was shocked when it learned that the Midland was the least profitable of the big four banks and had the weakest capital.
  3. The Christians were beholden to the Syrians for this service - for the moment at least - and thus the Syrians could expect compliance from them.
  4. At least now we could leave the cows in peace.
  5. With no might duty neighbourhood police usually avoid loitering youths, drunks, and other might people, something which at least one complained about, leaving these categories to the section or reserve police who possess in less proportion the skills required for effective community policing.
  6. The qualification "at least in part", is necessary because, as I have already noted, the evidence available on the role of interference at retrieval can show only that this process contributes to the effects observed, not that it is the sole source of these effects.
  7. Of these five tools, tests are the most controversial and the least used in Britain.
  8. On each occasion I took at least half an hour to get ready, chose my clothes carefully, brushed my teeth, put my earrings in, wore bright-red lipstick.
  9. WITH all the talk of recession wasn't it great to read that at least one important institution has been given a reprieve.
  10. Monza was to be decisive for his championship, and Ken Tyrrell has written that it was Jackie's finest race, not least because he knew he led the championship and because, having already decided to retire, he needed to do no more than the minimum, particularly since he was starting only from sixth place on the grid.
  11. Young led, in terrace parlance, the steaming in, which at one stage involved at least 10 players with punches appearing to be thrown.
  12. "We would make a plea for the person responsible to at least return the glasses," he added.
  13. So far this year we have heard at least ten reports of families whose presents have been stolen from beneath their trees.

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