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Перевод слова

Перевод: leak speek leak

течь ; утечка ; утечка информации; неплотное место;
давать течь; подтекать; пропускать воду; утечь; просачиваться; просочиться; неофициально давать св`едения


  1. He was going to take a leak on the girl, but Amelia pulled him out of the circle with a cry of "not on my carpet".
  2. At first the explosions were thought to have been caused by a gas leak, but gradually the police were able to piece together evidence linking the disaster to the Weathermen, one of whom had attached a wire to the wrong terminal.
  3. This may be caused by a badly adjusted carb or a blocked jet within the carb or by an air leak from the manifold gasket under the carb.
  4. However, it does cause similar abnormalities in monkeys and there is evidence that it may cause blood vessels in the limbs to leak, which leads to severe damage of the surrounding cells.
  5. Dr Bowie, a normally taciturn man, said that if radiation from Hinkley Point was responsible, "there would have had to have been an enormous leak".
  6. If the leak is high up, then it is probably the roof to gutter joint which is sealed from new and, as the sealer ages, it allows water to enter the vehicle.
  7. Kingfisher says that even if there had been no leak, the bid would probably have been launched this week.
  8. In 1984, a gas leak at Bhopal, India, killed 2,500 people.
  9. When the tunnel was "discovered" by the Russians in 1956 an inquiry was held within MI6 and also the Gehlen organisation to determine if there had been a leak to warn the Russians.
  10. Spying on the woman and her lover from afar with his telescope, he disrupts their encounter by reporting a gas leak in the apartment.
  11. Leak of urine may occur with each cough.
  12. Firemen dealt with the leak, and there were no casualties.
  13. In flat calm conditions, this effect can be clearly seen, since the exhaust smoke will be observed to be blown away from the model by the rotors when out of ground effect (Fig.5.6), while it will tend to form a cloud under the helicopter, or even "leak" up through the middle of the rotors, when in ground effect (Fig. 5. 7).

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