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Перевод слова

Перевод: lead speek lead

свинец ; отвердение; грузило; отвес ; лот ; свинцовые полосы для покрытия крыши; плоская крыша; графит ; грифель ; шпоны ; пломба ; руководство; инициатива ; пример ; директива ; указания ; ключ к решению чего-л.; намек ; вводная часть; краткое введение к газетной статье; газетная информация, помещенная на видном месте; ведущее место в состязании; первое место в состязании; разрыв между лидером и бегуном, идущим за ним; поводок ; привязь ; главная роль; исполнитель главной роли; исполнительница главной роли; ход ; шаг ; разводье; подводящий провод; трубопровод ; канал ; опережение; предварение; упреждение огня; приведение огня; жила ; золотоносный песок; стрела ; укосина ; направление; отклонение;
свинцевать; освинцовывать; покрывать свинцом; разделять шпонами; вести; показывать путь; направлять; отвести; проводить; руководить; командовать; направлять удар; возглавлять; управлять; занимать первое место; быть впереди; быть первым; идти первым; превосходить; приводить; приводить к; сводить; склонять; заставлять; ходить; ходить первым [карт.]; опережать; помещать на видном месте в газете; целиться в летящую птицу


  1. It appears that cases of poisoning in the United Kingdom from this form of lead are as statistically significant as were those involving lead fishing weights, and in some parts of Europe there is increasing concern.
  2. Alternatively there are several chemical additives on the market which aim to provide a substitute for lead, although the case for these products has yet to be proved.
  3. Look at the diagram below and see how misery or depression can lead to physical symptoms - which in turn make you feel even more miserable.
  4. The doctors point out in the British Medical Journal that, though crack dependency is not a direct risk factor for Aids, prostitutes "trying to maintain expensive crack habits may be tempted into unsafe sex practices which in turn may lead to an increase in the spread of Aids".
  5. This can lead to friction, acrimony and lack of co-operation between functional groups.
  6. Cross equalised Liam O'Brien's 25th-minute goal with a superb chip over John Burridge, then put Derby into the lead in the fourth minute of extra-time.
  7. Britain's Chris Moody is joint second after yesterday's first round of the Australian Classic in Melbourne, where Peter Senior extended his remarkable run with eight birdies to lead with a seven-under-par 65.
  8. He has not just found a role for himself, which was something he had agonized over for years, but has used his position to lead an assault on the ills of modern society; to try to alter people's basic thinking, not just in an effort to improve their lives, but to persuade them of the need to preserve the planet for future generations.
  9. He untied the stern line, kneeling to lead it back round a pile to the cockpit.
  10. Allen increased the lead from a penalty corner but Germany soon narrowed the margin when Michel flicked a good goal following another corner.
  11. The figures for applications heard by a single Lord Justice and two and three Lords Justices went a long way to explaining why, despite the facts that the rate at which appeals were begun had shown little change over the years, there had been some small increase in judge-power and that major improvements had been made in the court's procedures, the number of appeals outstanding at the end of each year and the lead times for hearing appeals showed no real improvement.
  12. The youngster will freely follow the older dog and soon become used to the collar and lead.
  13. He equalised only a minute after Chelsea had taken the lead when Wise, at the far post, had stabbed in an aimless Stuart cross after 26 minutes.

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