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Перевод слова

Перевод: lay speek lay

светский; мирской; недуховный; непрофессиональный; некозырной;
расположение; положение; очертание; направление; рельеф ; слой ; ряд ; поприще; работа ; дело; любовница ; любовник ; баллада ; песнь ; короткая баллада; короткая песенка; пари; ничтожество; повив кабеля; шаг скрутки; пение птиц;
класть; положить; уложить; укладывать; лежать; ложиться; проложить; быть расположенным; находиться; простираться; относиться; повалить; примять; происходить; совершаться; предлагать пари; биться об заклад; покрывать; стелить; накладывать; накрывать; настелить; наводить; класть яйца; нестись; возлагать; возложить; придавать; приписывать; заключаться; обвинять; предъявлять; признаваться законным; успокаивать; вить; свивать; прокладывать курс; вступать в связь; переспать; приводить в определенное положение; приводить в определенное состояние; пробыть недолго; энергично браться; #past от lie; натягивать [сл.]


  1. The town itself lay some half a mile distant, its gentle grey houses clustered, in a hollow, on each side of the twining silver river, like a flock of drowsy sheep.
  2. The earth was dry, and there, among the cabbages, lay Mr Wilson's spectacles.
  3. In order to provide an indication of the possible benefits that might be paid under this policy, Lautro (the regulatory authority for the marketing of life assurance and unit trusts) has made rules which lay down two bases on which future benefits may be illustrated.
  4. The man, who had winched his seat back as far as it would go, lay beside her, staring up through the sunroof at the sky which was now a pure and empty blue.
  5. He said, "You're down to lay the table in a few minutes."
  6. It is the time during which the evolutionary process was producing the human form as it now is, and laying down the pattern from which man, in remote retrospect, can now extract the necessary information on which to lay the foundation of the concept of the Created God, and to understand how he must develop that concept.
  7. They both then sprinted off and were out of sight before the group of concerned shoppers could reach her as she lay in a faint on the bottom step below the church.
  8. Below all these strata lay the immemorial peasant base of straight barter and the still-important tax in kind.
  9. The commander-in-chief of United Nations forces in Yugoslavia, Gen Satish Nambiar, also appealed on television to all parties to lay down their weapons, adding that a political settlement was being considered.
  10. Asda's box of 24 chocolate cakes will have something for everyone, and all the stores offer a selection of cheeseboards and cheese biscuits which are ready to lay on the table as soon as the packaging has been removed.
  11. He visited his father's body where it lay in the abbey church of Fontrevault.
  12. It is also the reason why he could lay claim to a rich blend of cultures, having an excellent grasp of the European legal system and Arabic poetry and customs.
  13. Keating, who came to symbolise the fraud and corruption that lay behind the collapse of hundreds of savings and loan institutions, which are comparable to British building societies, is still awaiting trial on more serious fraud and racketeering charges.

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