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Перевод слова

Перевод: last speek last

последний; поздний; запоздалый; окончательный; единственный; покойный; умерший; свежий; прошлый; бывший; прежний; истекший; самый современный; недавний; самый неподходящий; нежелательный; крайний; чрезвычайный; созревающий в конце сезона; цветущий в конце сезона;
после всех; поздно; в последний раз; на последнем месте; в конце; за последнее время; недавно;
конец ; выдержка ; выносливость ; колодка ; что-либо последнее по времени; ласт ;
продлиться; продолжаться; длиться; выдерживать (о здоровье); сохраняться; носиться; быть достаточным; хватать; натягивать на колодку


  1. LEEDS UNITED'S season was dealt a further blow last night when David Batty admitted he was facing a lengthy lay-off.
  2. Every new Northern Ireland Secretary takes office bearing the slender hopes of the British people that he will at last prove the man who can draw forth the sword from the stone, and translate into reality the ritual expressions of faith about restoring peace to the province.
  3. Measure at the last fret position the distance from the rule to the edge of the neck.
  4. They didn't expect it to last forever especially since he was planning to go to college back East.
  5. Manager Terry Yorath won't publicly name his side just yet, but he will retain the same 11 which won in Cyprus last month.
  6. Late May, the sun was returning at last, but it was still cold.
  7. For me, I think the last paragraph in my paper in the Speaker of the week before last "Shadows of the Hills" was pretty good; but it ought to be in verse.
  8. THE recession caught up with Whatman last year, dealing a blow to the Maidstone-based filtration and purification products group's consistent growth record, with pre-tax profits falling 16 p.c. to 9.21m, on sales 5m ahead at 49.6m.
  9. Therefore the poem leads us towards transcendental moments of revelation, scattered throughout, but climaxing at the Simplon Pass (end of Book vi) and the vision on Mount Snowdon in the last book of the poem; in the same way Aeneas was granted a vision of the destiny of Rome in Book VI of the Aeneid, and Adam in Paradise Lost receives revelations on top of a high mountain.
  10. And last Christmas I received this letter from one of my Nottingham volunteers.
  11. Mr Dassac, in his turn, was found shot dead with a bullet through his head last year.
  12. He said that all 10,000 students would have to leave the campus with their belongings by last night.
  13. Last week, when I was in that ceramics export place, I found some photographs under a file in my boss's desk.

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