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Перевод слова

Перевод: lack speek lack

недостаток ; отсутствие; нужда ;
испытывать недостаток; нуждаться; недоставать; не хватать; не иметь


  1. Lack of breakage, however, only characterizes some of the owl assemblages, but there has been little published on this subject.
  2. A few years later Fleming made another unpremeditated observation, this time on a mould of the genus Penicillium , and again failed, for lack of chemical support to develop it.
  3. The regime is blamed for a rise in corruption, Mafia crime, public debt and a lack of public responsibility.
  4. In the end, the nervous man was released for lack of proof.
  5. Lack of flying experience leads to overloading and panic when under extra pressure.
  6. The lack of evidence and the circumstantial nature of the testimony caused a public outcry.
  7. "Why do I tell you all this, when you yourselves know what poverty is and what starvation is and what a lack of cash is about?"
  8. And gradually, lack of energy cut into the hopes of fulfilling the dreams of special pleasures such as travel in these last years.
  9. Anna Essinger tried to keep discipline by appointing group leaders, but responsibility did not rest easily on youngsters who were preoccupied by their own future, or apparent lack of it.
  10. One of the major problems with electric vehicles has been the lack of a battery with a high power-to-weight ratio.
  11. For them, this adamant position on the part of the dominant faction in the American administration exposed the complete lack of any desire for a peaceful negotiated solution to the conflict in the Middle East.
  12. Another completely unknown actor, also thirty but looking much younger, named Dustin Hoffman, impressed director Mike Nichols so much in his off-Broadway plays that he was running favourite, despite his lack of experience.
  13. In the Gomel'sk workshops in Belorussia 450 railway staff collected one and a half million roubles in order to start up their own social insurance scheme for lack of an adequate state system.

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