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Перевод слова

Перевод: kosher speek kosher

кошерный; правильный; истинный; законный;
кошерная пища; магазин, где продается кошерная еда


  1. Born in Cuba to a German-Jewish father and a black mother - "I was sort of kosher, but swinging" - he cut sugar-cane in his youth before joining his father, a ship's steward, on his travels, only to be accidentally left behind on Crete at 12: "I had to sit down for a minute - almost cried."
  2. His opinions are none too savoury (still less kosher).
  3. No candidate in pursuit of local votes can ignore them, so we have seen both Mr Clinton and Mr Brown at Synagogues - Clinton promising a kosher kitchen in the White House, and lambasted for it - in Chinatown, in Spanish Harlem and most of all in Harlem and the Bronx.
  4. The cooking pot of cultures and races that makes up this vast nation has created distinct regional specialities and major cities will offer everything from kosher to Korean.
  5. He wasn't Kosher.
  6. But there was a key-shaped chocolate cake - a "joke" between North and the Iranian middleman, Manucher Ghorbanifar, ordered by North from a kosher bakery in Israel - and a pair of Colt pistols in a presentation box.
  7. Near the Town Hall there is a good, cheap kosher restaurant and there are several others in the area, notably U Golema and U Matye.
  8. Something not kosher about it.
  9. If there were a few Jewish citizens they went unidentified; there was no synagogue, no kosher butcher.
  10. At this time there was a kosher chip shop in the district, but being further than Mitchell's - and it being rather late at night - Mum was loath to ask her to go too far.
  11. Throughout the autumn, a period of successive Jewish holidays, the Anglo Jewish press reported a general absence of kosher food in reception areas.
  12. At one time when he had been going out a lot with a Jewish couple he wrote to Hanns "I have become a regular ghetto-yid", going now to a stately home "to ride their circumcised horses, now to a vile villa of Bellevue to hear real kosher recordings of Beethoven which none of them liked or understood, though they pretended they did, and now to a caf which is inhabited solely by people who look like Schnozzle Durante."
  13. Or, as the characters would probably say, this being a series infatuated with villainous jargon, "You've bin telling porkies, PC - and in my manor we're strictly kosher".

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