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Перевод слова

Перевод: knock speek knock

стук ; удар ; детонация ; резкая критика; подача мяча;
стучать; стучаться; тыкаться; постучать; стукнуть; ударять; бить; отстукивать; колотить; сбивать; ударяться; ошеломлять; поражать; резко критиковать; придираться; трахать


  1. I was suddenly startled to see that we were entering the town of Knock.
  2. Next thing, he tried to knock it down with his lawnmower - said it "ran out of control".
  3. The suggested version has similarities to Postman's Knock, too, with a couple having to spend at least one minute observing before they are allowed back into the room.
  4. "I was down here one night, it was about nine, and there was a knock at the door.
  5. DRUNK policeman: Knock, knock."
  6. On the other hand, the housewife, engaged in her working day, hears a knock on the door and finds a complete stranger there with a clip-board to which is attached a rather large sheet (or sheets) of paper covered with duplicated sentences and ominous boxes.
  7. As the brigade would probably simply knock down your door, you could just as well do it yourself.
  8. But if it was so easy for me to see this evidence and to talk to those who had substantial proof of their ownership of homes in mandate Palestine, surely it would be no more difficult to go to Israel, find those same homes and - the idea had a special excitement about it - to knock on those same front doors.
  9. Should she go through, knock on their door and offer to help?
  10. But that programme may be doomed because of the uncertainty over MX and concern that the explosion of the nuclear warhead could knock out the missiles in their silos as well as the incoming warhead.
  11. Sometimes a tramp would knock on the back door, begging for food or offering to do a job for a few coppers.
  12. The next morning, about nine o'clock, there came another knock at the door.
  13. And, like Sir Geoffrey and Mr Heseltine, he routinely sets up federalism as a straw man to knock down.

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