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Перевод слова

Перевод: kneel speek kneel

преклонять; преклонять колени; становиться на колени; стоять на коленях


  1. Outside the door we were made to kneel on the ground.
  2. The patient may be placed on his stomach on the floor, and taught how to come up onto all fours, and then to kneel up, so that he can walk on his knees to a chair.
  3. Do you kneel?
  4. "Kneel down," commanded the professor.
  5. Her greatest dread, however, was that the vicar might suggest that, together, he and Olivia should kneel in prayer.
  6. She made Maggie kneel down and lean her head over the bathtub, just as she had when Maggie had to have her hair washed as a little child.
  7. (Fig. 2) While an injured man is tended in the foreground, the Dutch forces to the right kneel in homage before an allegorical tapestried portrait of Philip IV.
  8. He had to kneel down in the muddy track, damaging his trousers, reminding him of playground agonies; he gripped, tugged, balanced.
  9. New legs shall go to church, new knees shall kneel.
  10. He motioned to them when to kneel, to stand, to be seated, when to take the ring, the gold and silver, to "repeat these words after me'.
  11. If he has had a very good recovery, he may get onto the plinth at a low height and kneel on all fours, and then be guided downwards to lie on his stomach.
  12. It is only if you kneel down and call him to you that will he come slowly for his apology.
  13. Corrie's Original Easy Kneeler Stool (about 33) is robustly constructed and comes with a foam mat that can be used to kneel on when weeding or, turned over, to sit on while having a rest and a cup of tea.

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