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Перевод слова

Перевод: kind speek kind

хороший; добрый; благожелательный; сердечный; любезный;
сорт ; класс ; разновидность ; вид ; тип ; род ; порода ; разряд ; семейство; природа ; отличительный признак; качество


  1. It was to meet cases of this kind that Equity invented the great remedies of specific performance and injunction : specific performance to compel a man actually to do what he has promised - to give you the land in return for the money, to pay you the purchase money in return for the land; injunction to forbid him to do what he has promised not to do or what he has no right to do - to forbid him to open the public house or the music-school, to forbid him to build so as to block up your light, even to compel him to pull down the objectionable wall; the last sort of injunction is called mandatory .
  2. Of course, high energy stimulation even of the wrong kind may stimulate a sensory ending; for example, excessive pressure on the eyeball will produce a sensation of light.
  3. "But the German system appears to have no place for the producer - it's like a final, ridiculous culmination of the auteur theory, which insisted that movies are made by directors rather than producers - and so it has no room for that kind of creative argument."
  4. She continues to say that there is one kind she does not like and that she is going to convey what it is by a process of thought transfer.
  5. With the decision made she felt a kind of temporary peace.
  6. Whenever conditions arise in which a new kind of replicator can make copies of itself, the new replicators will tend to take over, and start a new kind of evolution of their own.
  7. AM: A kind of choreography really
  8. Kind tyranny."
  9. The only supervision required is the kind that will keep the addict from going out and buying something to satisfy his craving.
  10. And apologetic statesmen of a compromising kind,
  11. The ones who leave to go to college or to live in some kind of hostel attached to a place of work, will eventually be embraced into an active social life by their peers.
  12. The interest which this kind of discovery sparks off can often lead to some finer comparison: "Is it exactly the same?
  13. "I no longer want full government funding from a government that is going to be dictatorial as hell, which is not to say I would not prefer it under a government of a different kind."

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