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Перевод слова

Перевод: keep speek keep

прокорм ; пища ; содержание; запас корма для скота; главная башня; контрбукса ;
держать; иметь; хранить; работать; беречь; поберечь; продолжать делать; не отдавать; скрывать; утаивать; содержать; обеспечивать; прокормить; иметь в продаже; иметь в распоряжении; иметь в услужении; задерживать; охранять; защищать; сохраняться; сохранять свежесть; сохранять; сохранять новизну; не устаревать; соблюдать; соблюсти; придерживаться; сдерживать; праздновать; справлять; вести дневник; вести; держаться; оставаться; находиться; уложиться; функционировать; проводить занятия; управлять; повиноваться; воздерживаться; жить


  1. you have to keep me secret From the kids
  2. Henry II decreed by the Assize of Woodstock that in every Forest county four knights should be appointed as agisters to agist his woods, and twelve knights "to keep his vert and venison".
  3. But it is not easy to keep working just at present."
  4. When lifting, take the strain by using your leg muscles rather than your back, and keep your knees slightly bent, as shown in the examples on the following pages.
  5. The effect of such a warrant is to keep the suspect incarcerated for up to another thirty-six hours.
  6. This is one of those creamy frostings that seems to disappear on its way to the cake, simply because it's so darn hard to keep from tasting it to death.
  7. Keep your hand blender near to the hob or worktop - it's marvellous for smoothing out sauces which start to go lumpy and is great for making dips, soups and shakes.
  8. Undertakers' men and grave-diggers had to be copiously supplied with liquor to keep them at work, and this added to the disorder and indecency.
  9. But part of the NCS programme is devoted to new materials, and Wood acknowledged that it would have to keep an eye open for new discoveries like the superconducting buckminsterfullerenes: "synthetic chemists are almost certainly going to find new materials".
  10. Ten millennia of history will have been sacrificed to a crop of little taste and to gardeners who must keep up with the Joneses.
  11. Of all the techniques of counter-interrogation practised by Mr Kinnock, the one he has utterly perfected is the old rule which was once memorably summarised by the Sundance Kid: "Keep talking, Butch, that's what you're good at."
  12. To keep things as natural as possible, the scene should be shot in normal light, and one set-up worth considering is to place your subjects near to a window so that you can shoot in daylight.
  13. On Pack Meeting night she always changed early into her uniform, and now she was skipping gaily on the grassy path outside the cottage, practising fancy new steps for the Keep Fit Challenge.

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