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Перевод слова

Перевод: judge speek judge

судья ; знаток ; арбитр ; эксперт ; третейский судья; ценитель ;
судить; рассматривать; вынос`ить приговор; рассудить; быть арбитром; составлять мнение; составить себе мнение; оценивать; считать; полагать; приходить к выводу; решать; осуждать; порицать


  1. He had felt driven, as the judge said, to take that law into his own hands.
  2. Let us suppose that, when invited to judge actions or persons, I appeal only to what is, never to what ought to be.
  3. And a judge may have to sort out the immediate squabble.
  4. He said he was quite prepared to come to court with the film," the judge said.
  5. From these two premisses, the judge proceeded to find that there was no marriage between April Ashley, the surgically operated transsexual who led the life, quite successfully, of a female, and Mr Corbett.
  6. Now you can go unhampered by disapproval or feelings of guilt and "disloyalty" and judge whether the activity really is in your line.
  7. "The truth in question is hidden, lying concealed beneath appearances; we must then inquire, since its nature is not open to us, whether it is still possible to know it through some sign and whether we have a criterion by which we may recognize the sign and judge what the thing truly is."
  8. The subject's task was to judge as quickly as possible whether the second clause was a sensible continuation of the first.
  9. "The judge agreed to sign a warrant for Thom's arrest as soon as it was clear he'd left the country with Eva."
  10. Further the test set out in Hitchcock v WB and FEB (1952) 2 QB 561 had been replaced by the test in Re W which set out all that any judge needed to do in making a decision.
  11. The choice fell on Lord Gorell, the son of an eminent judge who had inherited his title from his elder brother.
  12. Clarity and efficiency are, for example, not criteria by which we judge social talk, and the world would be a very unpleasant place if they were.
  13. In peace, how could he judge us?"

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