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Перевод слова

Перевод: jolly speek jolly

веселый; радостный; оживленный; любящий веселую компанию; подвыпивший; навеселе; приятный; замечательный; восхитительный; прелестный;
очень; чрезвычайно;
солдат морской пехоты; судовая шлюпка; вечеринка ;
обращаться ласково; задабривать; добиваться лаской; добиваться лестью; подшучивать


  1. If all the subsequent television and newspaper interviews are to be believed, the boy Lawson told Mrs Thatcher that he jolly well wasn't going to stay on as Chancellor unless she fired that rotter Walters as her "adviser".
  2. On great occasions the third Earl of Egremont would entertain 6000 people at Petworth and his 160 servants would be hard-pressed; by contrast Bishop Trevor managed his retreat at Glynde with a combined staff of 16, including a trainbearer, a French cook, and a "jolly old coachman".
  3. I rather like the Nimbus set, despite the generous acoustics and the occasional technical frailty, as not only has one the inestimable benefit of hearing the music shaped, balanced, and paced in a way that at least approximates the sort of thing Schubert originally had in mind, but they all sound as though they're having such a jolly good time (one palls at the though of all those ghastly, poe-faced Schubert records which litter the catalogue).
  4. "Here," he said, trying to keep his voice jolly, "some new tummy thing for you.
  5. Katherine visited the "very jolly" new flat and described it in detail:
  6. A left handed helix, moving forward, can be a jolly challenge to a dance.
  7. But the horse is used to being brushed, or he jolly well should be!
  8. They were engaged upon this when Roger arrived, and he was so friendly and jolly tonight that Breeze took him into her confidence.
  9. It's my impression that some of you are a jolly sight too pro-Axis.
  10. The decorative details inside are restrained and classical compared with the jolly and jumbled exterior.
  11. No writing specifically designed to calm and assure could improve on these positive, jolly tales.
  12. A couple of bands were hired several months ago to jolly up the celebrations, whose main participants appeared to be trade unionists who had been on free holidays to one of the last proletarian paradises.
  13. First away from the grid were Christie's at their jolly South Kensington base on August 13.

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