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Перевод слова

Перевод: jellyfish speek jellyfish

медуза ; бесхарактерный человек; мягкотелый человек


  1. The most virulent of all jellyfish is not, as is usually claimed, the large Portuguese man-o'-war, but the sea wasp or box jelly commonly found off the shores of Australia.
  2. It is popular with summer bathers, but at other times the water is cold and the fine sand dotted with jellyfish like complicated hot-weather dishes: semi-transparent yellow-streaked boeuf en daube and deep magenta grape aspic.
  3. The majority of coelenterates have a jelly-like consistency, and the group includes the familiar jellyfish and sea anemones, as well as the smaller hydroids commonly kept in schoolroom fresh water tanks.
  4. Some jellyfish beat the edges of the bell rhythmically and thereby rise in the water to remain near the surface.
  5. For many years they were regarded as colonial coelenterates, but it is now certain that they are unrelated to the jellyfish and their allies, and in fact are distant cousins to a small group of tube-dwelling organisms with little fossil record, which belong to the minor phylum Hemichordata.
  6. It is surprising to find that the soft-bodied jellyfish have any fossil record at all, but in fact they have the longest one of the phylum.
  7. They include an incredible diversity of well known groups such as jellyfish, worms, sea-urchins and snails.
  8. By comparing the number of phyla, one can say, as Dr Gould does, that there was a wider range of life in one little patch of sea floor than in all today's oceans - though that conclusion ignores the fact that today's oceans contain whales, jellyfish, barnacles and octopuses, whereas the Burgess sea contained only little creepy-crawlies.
  9. Among poisonous jellyfish and their relatives the Portuguese man-o'-war (opposite) is notorious as a killer, but despite its reputation there is no authenticated record of it having caused a human death.
  10. (He also says how to make your own, if you can get the jellyfish.)
  11. We see through jellyfish that are ghostly pale blue outlines in the water.
  12. Casts of the stomach cavities have been described from Precambrian rocks in many parts of the world, and many different Precambrian jellyfish have now been named.
  13. But everywhere we dived there were jellyfish.

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