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Перевод: issue speek issue

издание; предмет спора; номер журнала ; эмиссия ; выпуск (денег) ; вытекание; истечение; излияние; выход ; выходное отверстие; спорный вопрос; проблема ; разногласие; исход ; результат ; доходы ; прибыли ; выделение; потомок ; потомство; дети ; устье реки;
выпускать; выпустить; издавать; пускать в обращение; выход`ить; выдавать; вытекать; исходить; кончаться; иметь результатом; получаться в результате; родиться; происходить; отпускать


  1. The Government may, one assumes, be particularly grateful for the fact that the question of the future of Scottish regiments failed to materialise as an election issue north of the border.
  2. But the issue as it relates to the county game is sidestepped when the report states, "for commercial reasons a return to uncovered pitches at international level is out of the question".
  3. With a leadership battle looming in the Labour Party in the wake of its fourth successive defeat, the issue of electoral reform may prove to be the central issue for internal debate, a factor the Liberal Democrats will exploit to the full.
  4. Yet the TCCB, which has the backing of independent ICC chairman Sir Colin Cowdrey, remains optimistic of success when the issue is debated in London in February.
  5. It was also the issue weighed by the DPP before declining to prosecute Pasolini's film Salo in 1977.
  6. The existence of an ether in space had been a highly controversial issue with scientists until 1951, when Nobel Laureate, Paul Dirac, affirmed that the ether he thought existed was essentially an all-pervading sea of electrons in random motion.
  7. Lloyd George made a stand on the issue of a plebiscite for Upper Silesia, saying that he would no more give the place to the Poles than he would give a clock to a monkey.
  8. I realise I'm not saying anything new, but I'd like to reinforce some of the links between the topics raised in that issue.
  9. This, after all, is the real issue lurking in Corbett .
  10. If the US could be persuaded to take a similar line, many of the problems for companies contemplating an international issue would disappear.
  11. An expansion of the advice given in Circular 22/80 which includes the statement that "there will be a general presumption against inappropriate development where losses of countryside, Green Belt and agricultural land are at issue".
  12. A lead story in Bob Gledhill's column headlined "Beware of Non-Fishing Bureaucrats" (November 24 issue) criticised one of local boat clubs for failing to invest in electric winches and described the committee as "armchair rulers."
  13. The fact that these emotions exist in industrial and other enterprises and that the ego finds ways of defending against bad experiences is not at issue; what is more difficult to establish is the complex way in which these feelings are dealt with.

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