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Перевод слова

Перевод: irritate speek irritate

раздражать; бередить; нервировать; сердить; злить; вызывать раздражение; вызывать воспаление; вызывать деятельность `органа посредством раздражения; делать недействительным; аннулировать


  1. Little things will irritate you more than usual but try to keep cool, especially when dealing with personal issues.
  2. Do remember though not to exceed the recommended -;1 per cent dilutions (at least initially) because too high a concentration of essential oil (especially strong ones such as chamomile or geranium) may irritate the more sensitive skin of the face (see also allergies on page 126).
  3. This was a restrained and early work from an architect renowned for his roguish style, who went on to shock and irritate many of his contemporaries but also to amaze and satisfy his clients.
  4. At times, one partner is bound to irritate the other.
  5. In fact, the response was so uniform and repetitious that it started to irritate him before long.
  6. Try not to irritate the judge.
  7. The combination of beer, whisky and wine will increase Liz's chances of feeling ill the next day because the tannins in darker drinks, along with flavour enhancers and other chemicals, irritate blood vessels in the brain causing inflammation and pain.
  8. A good starting point is to ask parents to list ten things that irritate them about the school plus ten things that the school does rather well.
  9. The discharges irritate and make the skin sore; salivation may be profuse; the breath offensive.
  10. Washing-up can lead to dry hands but cleansing fluids, sprays and polishes can also irritate dry, sensitive skin.
  11. It's fresh, pleasant to use, doesn't irritate skin and keeps me fresh all day.
  12. Some horses also like to tease us, to irritate us with trivial annoyances - and especially in front of an audience.
  13. Clearly, the telephone interview is attractively cheap, but in my opinion it is also a technique which could well irritate the respondents approached.

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