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Перевод слова

Перевод: involve speek involve

включать; включать в себя; подразумевать; предполагать; влечь за собой; повлечь за собой; вызывать; вовлекать; впутывать; запутывать; вмешивать; втравливать; затрагивать; окутывать; закручивать; завертывать; возводить в степень


  1. These may involve knowing when another person is nearby, without visible or auditory clue, or sensing compass direction, or "seeing" over a long distance.
  2. It must now be clear that whatever form of unification or quasi-unification is eventually arrived at will not involve the neutralisation of West Germany in any meaningful sense.
  3. The logical result of this attitude was, of course, the takeover of the most prominent media, which would involve placing them under more direct control, a corollary of this action was the suppression or limitation of any privately owned media that might either be critical of TANU and the Tanzanian Government or campaign for alternatives.
  4. NO CRIME PLEASE, WE'RE IOFCs It has been estimated that half the world's financial transactions by value involve an offshore centre directly or indirectly.
  5. Plans for conversion into a banking hall and offices are probably the most acceptable so far in that they would involve minimal disruption to the interior and would generate the large sums needed to repair the building fully.
  6. Look out for anyone standing around on their own, and if possible try to involve them in what you are doing.
  7. A fall in the interest rate on bonds, for example, will lead to an individual rearranging his wealth portfolio, but this will not necessarily involve a shift from bonds to money (as in the Keynesian case); it may involve a shift from bonds to some other financial asset or into property.
  8. Verbs involve an appreciation of time; nouns of objects in space, or of mental concepts and experiences; adjectives of qualities between which we can discriminate; adverbs of associations in time, space and quality.
  9. Unlike Strachey, he discovered a way of doing this which did not involve the subordination of British socialism to the ideological hegemony of either of the emerging superpowers.
  10. As the project team commented: "The public are naturally unwilling to accept change, particularly when it may involve some travelling disadvantage, unless they can recognise clear compensating benefits.
  11. Aspects on the 5th and 30th suggest another turning point has been reached, and although this may involve the home front, you may feel personally challenged by events.
  12. This will involve either freezing income tax allowances or putting up VAT.
  13. "It's possible to bring down game with a spear or a bow and arrow, but these take considerable practice and involve hours spent lying in wait.

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