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Перевод слова

Перевод: invaluable speek invaluable

бесценный; неоценимый


  1. Thus it has an unusual and invaluable safety factor among its properties.
  2. This usually requires quite a lot of practice but is invaluable once it has been mastered.
  3. For little more than the price of two rolls of 35mm this source of invaluable information really is worth having.
  4. Many Home Helps become very fond of the elderly people they visit, often doing all kinds of extra jobs for them when they have the time, and the moral support they give to lonely old people is invaluable.
  5. So long as the animals' behaviour is meticulously noted, she argues, empathy and intuition can be invaluable in interpreting it.
  6. Provided you have a system which avoids burning your flesh with the skewers, pineapple cubes are invaluable on any kebab, even with fish and shellfish.
  7. They would allow invaluable policy options for future governments; they demonstrated that our Government looked much further ahead than the next two or three years.
  8. That knowledge, handed down by word of mouth over generations is invaluable.
  9. No dictionary can ever be complete, and every user will perhaps find omissions; and there is the occasional error, as the final section of this chapter describes, but the book remains invaluable.
  10. They would have been invaluable to the inquiry - and to the crew, as book and movie offers pour in - but were lost when the wreck was smashed to pieces on the island's rocks.
  11. The car's tremendous torque proves invaluable when it comes to overtaking; it leaps the fourth-gear 30-;50mph increment in just 6.5secs.
  12. But Pound with his invaluable navet really believed that the United States was "a land of opportunity"; that his nation's glory was all in the future, and would be achieved if only Americans would sort out those achievements of European culture (and of non-European cultures also) which were worth their emulating and trying to surpass.
  13. As Anastasia has a right-hand drive, overtaking safely can be difficult, and a passenger is an invaluable set of additional eyes.

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