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Перевод слова

Перевод: intern speek intern

студент медицинского колледжа; интерн ;
интернировать; задерживать


  1. They threatened that, if he did not co-operate, the Northern Ireland emergency powers of detention would be used to intern her as a dangerous subversive.
  2. We never noticed it during the time it took for me to qualify and start work as an intern at St Andrew's in Marylebone.
  3. There will be three awards: a major prize for the best completed project in a museum, gallery or historic building including churches and cathedrals ; a young conservator of the year award to the most promising intern or trainee; and a prize for innovation in restoration or conservation in developing materials or processes.
  4. By the time I had been an intern for a few more months, doing my rounds in my white coat with stethoscope dangling round my neck (and feeling very important), Father had had to close down the second branch, leaving - for the time being - only the original shop which he had opened near the Market Place where the annual Goose Fair was held.
  5. In a Minnesota case in 1979, for instance, a young intern's casual comment that a laceration appeared to have been caused by a knife later led the injured woman to change her story completely and come to believe, under hypnosis, that she was stabbed repeatedly, despite subsequent medical evidence.
  6. The message read that she had been in the hotel that night; that she had met David; that a tape had been taken of the conversation; that if he thought he could arrest her brother and charge him with murder, he should now try; that, if he thought he could intern her whilst completely innocent, he should now try; that several persons had listened to the conversation in the hotel that night and that one was an Ulster MP.
  7. Back in England, as the scandal of the Arandora Star , the Ettrick and the Dunera filtered through to the public, opinion shifted from "intern the lot" to "free them now".
  8. The order to intern all male category B aliens was posted on 16 May.
  9. Albert Mokhiber, president of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), does not believe that anybody in the government wants to intern Arab-Americans.
  10. The decision to intern 110,000 Japanese-Americans was a wholesale violation of civil rights.
  11. "The need to intern is staring us in the face," he said.
  12. "For people to suggest that to intern is to bring people on to the streets casts doubts on the integrity of the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland.
  13. The idea of the chartered manager is equated with that of the chartered accountant - it implies a threshold level of competence in managerial skills before the "intern" is allowed to practise.

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