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Перевод слова

Перевод: interesting speek interesting

интересный; занятный


  1. Four times the England No. 1 had game points, and had he secured one of them, it could have become interesting.
  2. Choose well-made books with good quality print, plenty of interesting pictures, clear and concise writing with straightforward sentences and short paragraphs.
  3. Still, it is interesting that Kieslowki's pessimistic perceptions of the Polish state, and to a lesser extent its film industry, have remained unchanged.
  4. He has an interesting and persuasive voice, for which he is in ever-increasing demand outside the USA.
  5. It's still interesting, but not like those first few times outside the States when I'd go sightseeing - y'know, checking everything out.
  6. As well as being a most beautiful country, with a very pleasant summer climate, Hungary is most interesting for its history and unique and engaging inhabitants.
  7. It is interesting, in view of later criticism of Edward Coleman's reported preference for the sons of farriers and grooms as students, that Bourgelat preferred his veterinary students to be young men of good morals and behaviour, vigorous and robust, and of souche terriere ; he only occasionally sought out men of more "exalted" origin.
  8. In passing, it is interesting to note that the great stimulus to user education in universities and polytechnics in the UK was also the project method of teaching, and that most of the best programmes in these sectors are still linked to this part of the student's course.
  9. An interesting collection can be beautifully silhouetted against a dramatic-coloured fabric.
  10. The fact that after the Great War the Liberal party went into decline and the Labour party emerged as a governmental party seemed to indicate that the most interesting developments must have been taking place on the left of British politics, even before the war.
  11. Written by two RAF officers this 127pp book provides an interesting ans well illustrated history of this airfield which was opened in 1938, and which was home to such units as 14 OTU, 1668 HCU as well as various squadrons of Canberras, Victors and Vulcans.
  12. Some of these are quite interesting to try out, but in many cases the cost of registering is not very competitive with commercial software.
  13. One of the more interesting adjuncts to the Act for Burying in Woollen was the introduction of the funeral ticket - whether first suggested by the jobbing printers or a particularly ingenious coffin-maker is not known.

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