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Перевод: interaction speek interaction



  1. Alternative types of direct social work are examined in which a framework is offered for the worker to plan the interaction.
  2. What is the quality of interaction between parent and child?
  3. It is however the interaction of "texts" that is the subject of Barthes's book.
  4. An imaginative response is at the heart of creative interaction.
  5. The ubitron, an acronym for undulating beam interaction, was developed by Robert Phillips at General Electric during the late 1950s, and ultimately generated 150 kW peak power at 54 GHz (V-band), which is still a record.
  6. Transcriptional activation by the human c-Myc oncoprotein in yeast requires interaction with Max
  7. It may be that the best corrective to them arises from frequent interaction with a more benign reality.
  8. As the parent starts to show interest in the child's activities and play, the child begins to experience an enjoyable interaction with the parent.
  9. It can be shown that they are algebraically general in the interaction region.
  10. The strength of the electromagnetic interaction is much larger than that of a weak interaction, and the range of the electromagnetic force is much greater than that of the weak force.
  11. For all its drawbacks as a theoretical base for the sociology of knowledge, the social constructionist accounts do suggest the importance of common-sense knowledge, of knowledge in ordinary social interaction rather than theoretical or scientific knowledge.
  12. The second theme, the Application of Computing, is supported by units in Information System Design, Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.
  13. The technique of reflecting back helps the interaction: "Let me see: have I understood you right, that your son left home before his marriage?" 'Do you find it really hard to get on with her then?"

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