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Перевод слова

Перевод: intensify speek intensify

усиливать; усиливаться


  1. After the completion of the Ring cycle, the Berlin orchestra now able to compete in territory that was once the special preserve of its Viennese cousin, Karajan both consolidated and extended the repertory during the 1970s, the music-making continuing to intensify both tonally, and emotionally as Karajan became older and more and more subject to personal trials and privations.
  2. The economic and political debate over the merits of full EMS membership will now intensify.
  3. We will intensify the co-ordination of security policies within the Twelve.
  4. Any change elsewhere will intensify the debate in France on whether pay-as-you-go gives pensioners a good deal.
  5. The immediate reaction of the American markets was to intensify European selling pressure - briefly pushing the pound through the critical chart point of DM2.95 despite fairly determined intervention from the Bank of England.
  6. This would simply intensify the class cleavage by removing the middle tier which now spans the gulf between top and bottom."
  7. With Labour still holding 49 seats to the Tories 11, the Liberal Democrats nine and the SNP's three, many believe the prospect of five more years of Tory rule will simply intensify the demands for change.
  8. These indicators of the native film industry's weakness encouraged The Federation of British Industries to intensify its campaign to bring attention to the way in which the disappearance of British films from the world's screens impacted on "the prestige of the country as a whole, and thereby the prestige of British industry also".
  9. Mrs Thatcher, giving the 50th anniversary lecture of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee at the House of Lords, said it was imperative to intensify efforts to model and predict climate change.
  10. The effect of capitalism on the women of farming families was therefore to trap them even further in their role as producers of labour power and to intensify the feeling which men and women of these families had experienced for so long that "Life itself is work".
  11. Mr Poole said national leaders would meet on Thursday to discuss ways to intensify pressure on health service managers to re-open talks.
  12. MCLAREN's problems appeared to intensify as the race approached, with the Austrian swapping cars 30 minutes before the start and then being forced to start from the pit-lane when he failed to make the parade lap.
  13. WITH competition to recruit new employees likely to intensify as the shortage of school leavers grows, the issue of child care provision by employers becomes ever more important.

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