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Перевод слова

Перевод: intend speek intend

намереваться; вознамериваться; хотеть; иметь в виду; предназначать; прочить; подразумевать; значить


  1. "Time is precious, and I don't intend to waste any more of it by listening to your nonsense!"
  2. "If we comb through our stories and one encounters with wild whales and dolphins, we find that they seem to hang together along a shining thread - that whales and dolphins know what they are doing, that their actions are purposeful, and stunningly specific to the occasion, that they intend us no harm, that they are aware.
  3. We intend to strengthen our confiscatory powers still further.
  4. She did not intend to commit herself to this man.
  5. At this time I do not intend relinquishing the deal.
  6. "The authorities of the game intend to keep it absolutely clean.
  7. That's what I intend to do."
  8. We've provided a grammar school education for the people of this area for 700 years and intend to go on doing so."
  9. Simplest of all is your own letter based on the advice of your lawyers, stating in formal legal terms the advice you have received and the action you intend to take if you do not receive a response.
  10. Mr Banks, 49, last chairman of the abolished Greater London Council, said later that he did not intend to leave Westminster immediately.
  11. We intend to take all these initiatives further and offer parents more choice in the new Parliament.
  12. Regarding behaviour, participants were asked to indicate from always (five points) to never (one point) the frequency of instances occurring where, for example, they got drunk even when they did not intend to; their drinking left them short of cash; they drank to help themselves deal with a crisis; and they missed meals because they wanted to drink instead.
  13. All the sewage is now stored within enclosed containers rather than in open beds and the company also intend enclosing the plant inlet.

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