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Перевод слова

Перевод: intemperate speek intemperate

несдержанный; невоздержанный; склонный к излишествам


  1. Robin Lee in The Times maintained that both books were beneath criticism, Faludi's for using the "low-brow, flirtatious idiom of Cosmopolitan magazine", French's for being "aggressive and intemperate".
  2. I was daily intoxicated yet no man could call me intemperate."
  3. Seven months before, while Castile was - in his intemperate view - still dithering, he had set sail from Santa Maria for the coastal town of Acla, at what Indians told him was the narrowest and least topographically inconvenient part of the Panamanian isthmus.
  4. Opening Poole's letter on a visit to Bristol City Library, he began at once to write the first of two wildly intemperate replies: the country round Iron Acton was "intolerably flat"; Bristol contained no friends of his beyond Cottle and Estlin (Wade was going away); and as for the cottage, he would make it do.
  5. At Pitton during this New Year interlude we were able to satisfy some of our suppressed gastronomic longings by the intemperate consumption of farm eggs butter and cheese - off the ration, at times, in the country - and also of decontaminated sugar, salvaged from poison-gas experiments at Porton Down, and used to make excellent "tablet", as we call it in Scotland.
  6. Of all Derek Jarman's written work, At Your Own Risk is his most militantly outspoken, as courageous as it is heedless, as intemperate as it is driven by profound moral injustice.
  7. But he became gravely ill, and in April 1634 was replaced by Sir John Finch, a much more intemperate champion of the king's Forest rights.
  8. The "untalented, uneducated and ill-disposed louts" I described above in rather intemperate language before taking my walk will make much of the "coincidence" (as they will put it, with heavy irony, drawing out each syllable like bubble-gum) that Miller also appears to share the outward marks of my own alleged ill-health.
  9. His move appeared certain to inflame passions in a country noted for the frequently intemperate attitude of its people towards party politics.
  10. But, though Jerome's intemperate denigration of the married state met with little sympathy, Augustine did not manage to dispel the sombre cloud that continued to hover over sexual relations.
  11. Suffice it to say that this discourse is generalising and intemperate, and lacks depth and clarity.
  12. Indeed, the implication of his resignation letter was that for five years there had been conflict at the very heart of the government that had precipitated the earlier resignations of Heseltine, Lawson and, in July 1990, Nicholas Ridley, the Trade and industry Secretary (the last after he had expressed intemperate views about Britain's European partners that many observers believed the Prime Minister herself shared).
  13. It was a considerable party: 2,000 men in twenty ships, and headed by an intemperate ruffian whose only qualification for replacing Balboa as Governor of Darin was that his wife was the daughter of one of Isabella's ladies-in-waiting.

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