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Перевод слова

Перевод: insult speek insult

оскорбление; обида ; инсульт ; выпад ;
оскорблять; обижать; наносить оскорбление; оплевать


  1. Having read his Burke, he knows the aphorism which I will not insult you by quoting about taxation.
  2. "I don't blame them for trying to make a bit of cash, but it gets ridiculous when they insult you for refusing to pay for something you didn't want doing," fumes Mel, 39.
  3. It was one thing to have turned his own country into an "underdeveloping" society, but to seek out the company of the other basket-cases of the world economy was to add gratuitous insult to already grave injury in the minds of most Romanians.
  4. Why spend a week's wages on a kite, a lot more on the line(s) then insult the lot by wrapping those lines around an old cocoa tin - or worse, around the handle in a bulky bundle?
  5. "What an insult!" said Rozanov.
  6. For Rosemary, the insult on top of all the cruelty is in the fact that forty years had to pass before she was able to find the courage to lift the lid on the private hell that she's bottled up all those years.
  7. "The present offer is an absolute insult, but Lennox is getting worried and he is adamant that he wants to fight Bowe.
  8. For the East Germans the Poles had been objects of contempt for most of Prussian history, and the loss of land to them was an insult that was not to be swallowed, but would instead produce a festering sense of indignity, shame and anger.
  9. Everybody in "our town" feels indignant about the insult to the respected old gentleman, and a proposal gets off the ground to give a subscription dinner in his honour; but finally "we" think better of it, "perhaps realizing at last that a man had, after all, been pulled by the nose, so there really wasn't any cause for a celebration."
  10. The emphatic denigration contained in this locational insult had to be heard to be understood, and in many ways it paralleled the dismissive tone used to deride the "civvy", for nuances of speech and tone have immense meaning to insiders.
  11. My Japanese friends wonder at my passion, because he is not very well known and not very successful, though when he visited Paris with his fellow sumotori he was at once called "the Japanese Alain Delon" - to my mind, an insult to my hero, but for a while that kind of adulation seemed to give him a little of the confidence he needed, and on his return to Japan he delighted me by winning an unusually high number of contests.
  12. To add to the insult the phone took to ringing at odd intervals.
  13. But he considered this an unforgivable insult to his dignity and marched us both to an underground lavatory on the edge of the square, followed by a curious and gleeful crowd waiting for the extranjeros to get their come-uppance.

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