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Перевод слова

Перевод: inspire speek inspire

внушать; вселить; вселять; окрылять; инспирировать; тайно внушать; вдохновлять; вдохновить; воодушевлять; воодушевить; вдыхать


  1. Now cou'd your Florio by his Wit inspire
  2. His sheer presence seemed to inspire a side threatened with relegation to Division Three to only their seventh away point of the season.
  3. At the end of the Principles , Berkeley reminds us that his "main drift and design" has been to "inspire my readers with a pious sense of the presence of God".
  4. Both Ignatius of Loyola (1491-;1556), the founder of the Jesuits, and Teresa of Avila (1515-.82), the radical reformer of the Carmelites, used imagery of exploration and honour to inspire and explain their own radical innovations.
  5. They seemed to inspire each other.
  6. "Recent reports of The Smiths damaging the prospective careers of smaller outfits with actions aimed in pure spite at Rough Trade, hardly inspire confidence."
  7. Such romantic stories and ballads inspired many nineteenth-century ballets, directly or indirectly, from Petipa's Raymonda , Massine's Symphonie Fantastique and Lenau's Don Juan (to the tone poem by Strauss which was later to inspire an Ashton ballet) to La Sonnambula (Balanchine's ballet based on Bellini's opera which was based on a Walter Scott novel, see page 33).
  8. Mr Heseltine, who has emerged as one of the key figures in Mr Major's administration, will be expected to help Britain out of recession and inspire hard-pressed business and industry.
  9. Few animals inspire such extremes of love and hate as the fox, and this may go some way towards explaining why so much nonsense is written and talked about them.
  10. It was an act familiar to anyone, that is almost everyone, who has suffered from those self-inflicted illnesses that inspire only a feeling of wanting to curl up in a ball and be alone.
  11. To help you achieve everything you want this year, we're simply bursting with dynamic features, articles and tips that will both help and inspire.
  12. The point of Yeo Davis was now clear: they were there to inform, inspire, and orchestrate a client's efforts to get what he wanted, as efficiently as possible.
  13. Audiences of up to 500 million are anticipated for programmes that are designed to "inspire and inform", hopefully including a live satellite debate between Presidents Bush and Gorbachev and the UN's Perez De Cuellar.

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