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Перевод слова

Перевод: insist speek insist

утверждать; настойчиво утверждать; настаивать; настоять


  1. Then, because of these questionable and unnatural methods, doctors began to insist that "regularity" did not really matter.
  2. When the Authority intervened in the decisions of individual companies, it was almost always to insist on certain BBC-type standards, whether it was the retention of University Challenge or the compulsory broadcasting of the Queen's Speech on Christmas Day.
  3. "much; and I must insist upon it.
  4. But he later changed his spots enough to insist on Leopardcover as a condition of accepting the market's chairmanship.
  5. Some psychologists point to a decline in the mid-1980s and blame new-fangled teaching methods; others insist that things have always been this bad.
  6. SHe wondered, and dreaded, when hir conscience would insist SHe did something about him.
  7. Even the WBC, the governing body that insist they'll now give their title to Lewis, would have been been appeased by such a compromise.
  8. Both Judge Holland and Charles Cole, Alaska's attorney-general, insist that rejection of the criminal fine need not affect the larger civil settlement.
  9. Queer artists, following Genet, insist on the absolute difference of gay experience and the interlinked nature of cultural and sexual deviance.
  10. Most diet advisers sternly insist that you weigh every single thing before putting it in your mouth (cigarettes and fingernails, only, excluded).
  11. This is another reason why a well-advised employer who offers you an ex gratia payment when your job comes to an end is likely to insist that you are effectively prevented in law from making any further claim against him (see Chapter 19).
  12. The Greenfield report recommends that prescription forms should contain a box, which doctors should tick if they want to insist on the branded drug, rather than an approved substitute.
  13. Hence the importance of Eve Sedgwick's category of the homosocial: we must insist that there are different kinds of masculine heterosexual alliance that are not necessarily (though may be) homosexual, repressed or overt; but we also need to make this point in a way which does not then privilege this distinction between the sexual and the non-sexual since this is to re-establish the primacy of the sexual, something partly responsible for the original misrepresentation.

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