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Перевод слова

Перевод: insane speek insane

душевнобольной; ненормальный; безумный; безрассудный


  1. With such evidence against her, the gross and whimpering woman could do nothing more than plead guilty but insane.
  2. Rhoda Carter had danced briefly with another man, and Carter had burst into a fit of violent temper, verging on the insane.
  3. "Someone should have shut you in a hospital for the criminally insane and thrown away the key."
  4. One was the illegitimate child of an insane mother, the product of orphanages and foster homes.
  5. Lady Hamilton (1941, That Hamilton Woman in US), which Korda made in America with Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier, works most of the time as a love story, but the messages that constantly obtrude about men whose "insane ambition" makes them want to destroy what others had built are not organic to the main narrative.
  6. He had been an idealist with many good ideas at first, only later making errors, turning out to be basically evil, and becoming insane and a mass murderer.
  7. What she had just been through was insane and illogical, but also unambiguous and actual.
  8. "You must be mad, insane," Agnes almost yelled at her, only to clap a hand over her mouth and glance towards the door as if expecting it to open and her mother to appear; and for a while there was silence between them, except for the slight moaning sound coming from Jessie.
  9. She cooked, she cleaned, she shopped, she walked Pilade, she saw to her lodgers - day after day she did the same things at the same time, and instead of being driven half mad with boredom, insane with frustration, she found herself strangely at peace.
  10. Unless you are insane, it takes guts to sacrifice your whole family and die with them."
  11. Insane sponsors a Danish skater, Rasmus Skousen, and is stocked in Europe by shops such as Street Machine in Paris.
  12. There was a general view that all women held within them the potential to become hysterical; from "nervous" to "hysteric" to insane was a sliding scale, and all women were positioned somewhere upon it.
  13. In general, however, the contract of a mentally disordered person is fully binding on him unless the other party was aware that he was so insane as not to understand the nature of the transaction.

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