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Перевод слова

Перевод: inquiry speek inquiry

наведение справок; расспрашивание; справка ; вопрос ; запрос ; расследование; следствие; дознание; исследование; спрос


  1. Christine's former boy-friend Robert Broxup called for an inquiry into how the youngster was able to get hold of the acid.
  2. A Stuttgart source denied a statement by Leeds secretary Nigel Pleasants that the English club had instigated the UEFA inquiry.
  3. Under a Labour government, this committee would become an official inquiry into electoral reform.
  4. The status of SHE within the inquiry had also steadily risen.
  5. In the event, the DTI only launched a secret inquiry.
  6. Some figures put the market share at more than 25 per cent which would normally trigger a monopolies inquiry.
  7. After a three-and-a-half-hour inquiry, an angry Eddery emerged to fume: "I've got to say I'm unhappy with the outcome.
  8. It goes without saying that there should be an independent official investigation, inquiry, inquest - call it what you will - into the cause of an unnatural death; but is it not time that ancient laws and practices were brought up to date to deal with modern circumstances?
  9. Henry VII himself supplemented the eyre with judicial proceedings of other kinds, such as the judicial inquiry in 1494 into offences in Pickering Forest, which revealed extensive destruction of vert and venison.
  10. That leaves the weapons connection, but it is inappropriate for the Sizewell inquiry to delve deeply into this issue.
  11. A WORLDWIDE growth in demand for coal and the prospect of large increases in coal prices, is an important reason for the Central Electricity Generating Board's determination to expand its nuclear-power programme, the Sizewell inquiry heard this week.
  12. Their hopes of starting from scratch with a leisure complex incorporating a racecourse at Thurrock in Essex were dashed at a public inquiry two years ago.
  13. Scotland Yard launched a murder inquiry after the body was discovered in a ground floor flat in Streatham, south-west London.

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